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Vanguard CLF is a new low shrink force film engineered to give a tight shrink without deforming or bending the package being wrapped. In addition to its "low force" properties, CLF is also easy to shrink at temperatures lower than those required by typical crosslinked polyethylene films. This combination of features makes CLF one of the most forgiving shrink packaging films on the market today.
  • Lower shrink force for overwrapping bendable packages
  • Easier to shrink at reduced tunnel temperatures
  • Strong durable seals made on a wide variety of sealing systems
  • Corrosion free sealing with no wire build up
  • High percentage of shrink allows film to conform tightly to irregular shapes
  • Superior gloss and clarity for maximum retail appeal
  • Good shrink performance even with less than optimal tunnel conditions
  • Works well on a wide range of applications - forms, manuals, trayed snack foods, baked goods.
  • Complies with FDA regulations governing direct contact food packaging
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Item #

Haze (ASTM D1003)

Gloss 45º (ASTM D2457)

Tear Strength MD/TD (ave) (ASTM D1922)

Impact Strength (ASTM D3420)


Clarity (ASTM D1746)

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50G N/A 3.1 % N/A 87 % N/A 14 gms/ply N/A 6 in·lbs N/A Vanguard N/A 97 % Add To Cart
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60G N/A 3.9 % N/A 84 % N/A 17 gms/ply N/A 7 in·lbs N/A Vanguard N/A 96 % Add To Cart
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75G N/A 4.5 % N/A 82 % N/A 23 gms/ply N/A 8 in·lbs N/A Vanguard N/A 94 % Add To Cart
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