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  • Revolution® High Performance Machine Wrap
  • Fortitude® Performance Hand-Wrap Pallet Wrapping Film
  • Stretch Film - 2

    Alliance Plastics Stretch Film is proud to introduce our new Steelflex Xtreme Film line. It is the next generation in cast film extrusion technology. The Steelflex Xtreme Film line delivers superior puncture resistance, high pre- stretch levels and exceptional load retention. These properties make the Steelflex Xtreme Film line perfect for replacing standard 70ga-80ga-90ga films.

  • Steelflex Xtreme

    A Revolutionary New Kind of film that offers ultimate performance with greater puncture and tear resistance.

    • Highest puncture resistance in the industry for quick & easy wrapping without film breaks
    • Xtreme holding force vs. all conventional hand film
    • Utilizes New Resin & extrusion technology for Huge Cost Savings

  • Stretch Film - 2