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  • Revolution® High Performance Machine Wrap

    The industry leading yield machine film for automated, high-volume applications. This sophisticated film has exceptional memory and pre-stretch capabilities of up to 300%. Berry offers two versions of Revolution-standard R122 with a high-cling inside layer, and R122 Q with Q for quiet and easy unwind.

    Leader for the stretch packaging industry

    Continued commitment to innovation has kept Berry as the leader in stretch film technology for over 40 years, with next generation solutions helping our customers do more with less. Simply put, Berry provides high pallet integrity, source reduction, and low cost per load.

  • PalleTech® Conventional Machine Film

    Delivering the performance and value you need.

    • Multi-layer cast film
    • Provides a differential cling
    • High containment for low pre-stretch levels
    • Value film

  • MaxPlus2™ High Performance Machine Film

    Providing the Optimal Balance of Cost Effectiveness and High-Performance

    • Multi-layer cast, quiet film that runs on a wide variety of equipment types
    • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
    • Provides an optimal down-gauge from traditional films, up to 15–20% for semi-automatic equipment
    • Offers up to 250% pre-stretch capability
    • One-side cling

  • Stratos™ Ultra-High Performance Machine Film

    Industry-leading ultra-high performance machine film
    Stratos™ will lighten the load with the industry's most complete stretch film; designed with an even greater focus on load containment and source reduction. Per pallet wrapped, Stratos™ is the most efficient stretch film on the market for uniform and semi-regular loads in high volume applications.