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Pharmaceutical Shrink Bundler. The Pharma series shrink bundlers are compact, intermittent motion machines designed to collate and shrink wrap pharmaceutical products. This Polypack model uses a motorized pusher to provide smooth, positive transfers. This pharmaceutical shrink wrapper is capable of handling both rounded and squared containers, such as vitamin bottles and small cartons. These compact bundlers are ideal for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and personal care products.
Unit of Measure



N/A 7 ft 9 in. 2350 mm


N/A 3 ft 5 in. 1050 mm

Infeed Conveyor Length

N/A 4 ft 9 in. 1450 mm


N/A 5 ft 8 in. 1721 mm


N/A Stainless Steel

Industry Focus

N/A Nutraceutical Industries Pharmaceutical


N/A Medical Packages Medical Tubes Medicine Boxes Nutraceutical Packages Pharmaceutical Packages Small Bottles Vials

Pharma Series Machine Features


  • Heavy gauge, stainless steel construction
  • Self-Leveling, PTFE coated hot knife sealbar assembly
  • Pre-Programmed collation modules
  • Self-Adjusting solid stainless steel rod tunnel conveyor (no belts or coatings)
  • Engineered as an single unit with integrated double insulated tunnel to reduce energy consumption
  • Polycarbonate enclosures ensure safety and easy access to machine components
  • Quick, tool-free changeovers
  • PLC touchscreen interface

Additional Information

N/A Polypack's Pharma Series integrates state of the art design, construction, operation and safety features. These machines are designed to respond to the needs of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. These machines are very compact and can multipack small bottles, vials, medicine boxes, medical tubes, and other medical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packages of different shapes and sizes.