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  • Pharma Series Shrink Packaging Machinery

    Pharmaceutical Shrink Bundler. The Pharma series shrink bundlers are compact, intermittent motion machines designed to collate and shrink wrap pharmaceutical products. This Polypack model uses a motorized pusher to provide smooth, positive transfers. This pharmaceutical shrink wrapper is capable of handling both rounded and squared containers, such as vitamin bottles and small cartons. These compact bundlers are ideal for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and personal care products.

  • JacketPack™ Series Shrink Packaging Machinery

    Replace the case. with the JacketPack™, a sheet of cardboard is die-cut, folded and glued on a single flap. On a traditional RSC, the flaps overlap each other and are located at the bottom and at the top, as the case is erected and then filled from the top. The JacketPack™ system reduces the amount of corrugate overlaps down to a single one, and eliminates the top and bottom of the case.

  • Clearprint Series Shrink Packaging Machinery

    Clear and Printed Film Shrink Bundler
    Polypack's Clearprint machines produce bulls-eye wraps using either clear or print registered film. These machines operate at speeds up to 60 wraps per minute single lane and up to 120 per minute in dual lane. These shrink packaging machines can be manufactured to run unsupported, pad-supported or tray-supported product.