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The Autobag Accu-Scale 220 system - Making weigh-counting of small components easy and accurate.

The Accu-Scale 220 is a simple, highly sensitive system that accurately weigh-counts small parts. Designed for use with the Autobag AB 180 bagger, the Accu-Scale 220 provides a complete weigh-count packaging operation.

Utilizing the very latest technology, the Autobag Accu-Scale 220 is capable of detecting and counting product as light as 1/10 of a gram in weight. Simply place a sample of the product to be counted into the tray and the scale virtually programs itself to count the product accurately. As more products are added, the new weight is instantly measured and the piece count is displayed. Once the desired amount is reached, a foot-pedal-operated flip-tray automatically dispenses each batch into a pre-opened Autobag plastic bag.

Using system matched Autobag bags-on-a-roll the Accu-Scale 220 offers a fast and effective semi-automatic weigh-count and bag solution.
Unit of Measure



N/A 115 V230 V


N/A 152 lbs69 kg


N/A 50 to 60 Hz


N/A Automated Packaging Systems

Air Supply (Dry Filtered)

N/A 80 psi5.5 bar0.5 cfm0.0002 cms

Weighing Capacity

N/A 5 lbs2.3 kg

Weighing Resolution

N/A 0.003 oz0.1 g


N/A Range of infeed funnels Remote mounting kit for AB 180 AutoTouch™ Control Screen Spare parts kits

User Benefits


  • Ideal for products that tangle or do not flow easily
  • Quick to set-up and easy to operate
  • Able to count bulk product from 1/10th of a gram up to 5 pounds in weight
  • Simple programming of scale touch screen allows changeover from product to product to be instantaneous
  • Ideal system for product flexibility - small, lightweightand heavier parts can be batched utilizing the automatic sensitivity control
  • Multi-batch capabilty for large product applications that exceed the volume of the flip-tray for flexibility
  • Compact design to maximize floor space usage

Typical Applications


  • Automotive & appliance parts
  • Hardware & DIY
  • Electrical & electronic
  • Fasteners & connectors
  • Plumbing & heating
  • Hobby & craft
  • Jewellery & novelty items
  • Cosmetics & beauty aids
  • Disposable health care



  • Accurate weigh scale - overall sensitivity exceeds 0.1 gram (.003 oz)
  • Microprocessor controlled for fast set-up and changeover
  • Large stainless steel load tray with a capacity for up to 1.5 cubic feet of bulk product
  • Self-adjusting scale sensitivity to assist in accuracy for part to part weight variations
  • Batch weigh-counting to predetermined quantities
  • Works with a complete range of Autobag AB series baggers to assist in the weigh-counting of a wide variety of products
  • Touch Screen for ease of use