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Customers use this style recirculating air tunnel where the application calls for absolute shrink quality, seal placement, speed or aesthetics. This series of machines is available in many chamber sizes and uses fin-strip heating elements in combination with a forced air flow design. The microprocessor based Watlow temperature controller maintains precise tunnel temperature while the air delivery pattern allows for precise application of hot air directly to the film as the package is conveyed through the shrink chamber. You have the ability to pattern the air flow, allowing it to contact the film wherever you select The results are the best shrink possible, even for difficult shapes. Automatic cool down and shut off is standard on these machines.
Unit of Measure



N/A 208 to 230 V


N/A 3


N/A 38 A

Conveyor Height

N/A 32.5 to 36 in

Tunnel Dim. (W)

N/A 22 in

Tunnel Dim. (L)

N/A 48 in

Tunnel Dim. (H)

N/A 10 in

Shipping Weight

N/A 900 lbs

Machine Dim. (W)

N/A 35 in

Machine Dim. (L)

N/A 74 in

Machine Dim. (H)

N/A 66 in