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The TS37 Side Seal horizontal wrapper is the most versatile packaging machine or the market. Because the continuous motion TS37 eliminates the need for multiple forming heads, it has the quickest, easiest changeover available - no tools are required. To provide even greater versatility, the machine can be cleaned without disassembly.

The TS37, with is compact design, can be easily accommodated into my production line, because the line; both the conveyor and trim sealer are laterally adjustable, eliminating the need to move the machine to the product flow or the product to the trim seal assembly.

The machine features a 6' flighted infeed; lugged or belted infeeds of various lengths are available.
Unit of Measure

Optional Features 


  • Belted infeed
  • Seal jaw bridge
  • Extended flighted infeed
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low pressure roller infeed
  • Printed film registration capability
  • Bridge for short packages
  • Random pneumatic hole punch
  • Customized infeeds



  • Spray starch cans
  • Computer hardware
  • Stacks of lumber
  • Long stacks of white plastic railings
  • Stacks of rice cakes
  • Individual pads of paper
  • DVDs
  • Individual Potatoes
  • Newspaper Flyers
  • Stacked packs of hotdogs
  • Bundles of PVC pipes
  • Games


Film Type

N/A Polyethylene PVC Single-Wound Polyolefin





  • Slide out film rack drawer
  • Patented film forming system
  • Horizontal or vertical-end sealing
  • Steel-It paint provides scratch resistant surfaces and prevents corrosion
  • No product detect
  • Level wind scrap removal system
  • Relaxed film tension at cross seal
  • Rapid hand wheel changeover
  • Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with Arpac standard operator interface
  • Central point lubrication allows for routine maintenance without stopping production
  • Continuous motion seal head provides smooth and quick transitions of product through the wrapper at high speeds
  • Film type: single-wound Polyolefin, PVC or Polyethylene
  • Needle wheel film perforator
  • ARPAC's operator interface features a color touch screen with message display and self diagnostics
  • Digital controls for conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings for fast accurate setup when changing product size and film
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations
  • Laser cut components for maximum precision
  • NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls
  • Low film alert to warn of a film changeover
  • 8" seal opening