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Vanguard® 345, the newest addition to our family of High Performance Shrink Films, provides a high yield, cost effective alternative to heavier gauge films. This thin, but amazingly tough film has unsurpassed shrink capabilities and outstanding clarity and gloss. V345 is an excellent choice for your next down gauging project.

Film Highlights
  • Tough, coextruded. crosslinked polyolefin material in a high yield gauge
  • Optical qualities to showcase any retail application
  • Strong durable seals on a wide range of wrapping equipment and sealing systems
  • Very high shrink percentage with good burn through resistance
  • Typical applications include printed materials, office supplies, software, toys & games.
Unit of Measure


Minimum Use Temperature

N/A -40 ºF

Haze (ASTM D1003)

N/A 2.2 %

Gloss (ASTM D2457)

N/A 140 %

Tensile Strength (ASTM-D-822)

N/A 20500 psi

Elongation at Break (ASTM D882)

N/A 130 %

Stiffness Modulus (ASTM D882)

N/A 45000 psi

Tear Strength (ASTM D1922)

N/A 11 gms/ply

Coefficient of Friction (Film to Film: Kinetic) - (ASTM D1894)

N/A 0.15

Weight - Vertical (ASTM F1249)

N/A 1.9 gms/100si/24hrs

Unrestrained Shrink at 250ºF Film Temperature (ASTM-D-2732)

N/A 75 %

Impact Strength (ASTM D3420)

N/A 8 in·lbs


N/A 45


N/A 66500 in²/lbs

Roll Length - Centerfolded

N/A 5830 ft

Roll Length - Singlewound

N/A 11660 ft

Maximum Storage Temperature

N/A 90 ºF

Shrink Air Temperature

N/A 240 to 350 ºF

Coefficient of Friction (Film to Film: Static) - (ASTM D1894)

N/A 0.15

OTR - (ASTM D3985)

N/A 905 cc/100si/24hrs


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