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  • Easy loading with forklift truck
  • Ideal for bagged product. The design allows product to fall onto the floor instead of under the enclosed turntable
  • Film carriage travels down to capture load to the pallet
  • Heavy-duty design with a 5,500 lb weight capacity
  • Ideal for concrete block and brick industry
Unit of Measure



N/A Robopac®


N/A Stretch Turntable


N/A Semi-Automatic

Performance (Technical Features)

Production Speed

N/A Up to 15/20 L/h

Turntable Speed

N/A 5 to 12 rpm

Alternating Current (AC) Voltage for Turntable Drive Power

N/A 1 hp

Load Handling (Technical Features)

Diamond Plate Turntable Diameter

N/A 65 in

Diamond Plate Turntable Finish

N/A Plated Steel

Maximum Load Height

N/A 110 in

Minimum Load Weight

N/A 5,500 lb

Film Delivery System (Technical Features)

Film Delivery System

N/A Power Variable Stretch

Standard Pre-Stretch

N/A Variable to 400% with up to 9 Different Levels per Load

Containment Force

N/A Variable Electronic with up to 9 Different Levels per Load

Corner Compensation

N/A Load Cell

Roll Carriage Speed

N/A Variable Up and Down

Standard Film Width

N/A 20 in

Automatic Film Cut

N/A Option

Load Height Detection

N/A Infrared photocell detects dark, clear and reflective products. Eliminates false reading on gaps in loads.

Safety (Technical Features)

Roll Carriage Safety Stop

N/A Standard

European Conformity (CE) Compliant

N/A Yes

Anti-Fall Device

N/A Standard

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Compliant

N/A Yes

Additional (Technical Features)

Forklift Portable

N/A Front and Rear

Service Requirements (Technical Features)

Alternating Current (AC) Voltage

N/A 110 V


N/A 1


N/A 60 Hz

Electric Tolerance (±)

N/A 10 %

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 12 Enclosure

N/A Standard


N/A 5 years

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Technology at the service of the usability

Standard on the machine with multi-level variable pre-stretch ensures the best film economy for every load. Guarantees the highest containment and best film economy from any stretch film.

Adjustable pre-stretch up to 9 times on each load. Strategic film placement allows the film to be placed exactly where it has the most impact on load stability and containment.



N/A The contents of these catalogs have been verified before the press. Robopac® reserves the right to modify in every moment the technical characteristics of the products and accessories illustrated in the present document.