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The Rotoplat 508 DW is equipped with a large 65" diameter turntable and a unique clamping top platen that allow for wrapping doors and windows.

Adjustable brackets allow you to wrap different sizes, based on your needs.

The Power Dual Pre-Stretch Roll Carriage System (PDS) delivers 250% pre-stretch using fixed gears. By activating the "Double Stretch" control, the carriage can switch to variable pre-stretch via a clutch positioned on the first roller.

Containment force is also adjustable from the color touchscreen operator control panel. Robopac®'s patented high-performance S-Wrap Pattern (with Quick Load System) and load cell compensation and containment force give you total film control.
Unit of Measure



N/A Robopac®


N/A Stretch Turntable


N/A Doors


N/A Semi-Automatic

Technical Features

Wrapping Capability Thickness

N/A 1.5 to 14 in

Wrapping Capability Width

N/A 30 to 70 in

Wrapping Capability Height

N/A 41.5 to 110 in

Turntable Diameter

N/A 65 in

Maximum Load Weight

N/A 220 lb

Roll Carriage

N/A Power Dual Stretch (PDS)

Turntable Speed

N/A 5 to 12 rpm

Roll Carriage Speed

N/A 5 to 18 ft/min
Power Supply Voltage1 N/A 110 V

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A A foot pedal controls the top platen, allowing the operator to hold the door in place, while lowering the clamp to secure the product.

The optional Pluripac delivery system applies foam/bubble wrap material at the same time as the stretch film to provide additional protection.
  • 1 Alternating Current