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Astro-Bubble™ Green Value Proposition

Astro-Bubble™ Green contains a minimum of 25% recycled content to provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface cover, packing fragile items, and void-fill.

Astro-Bubble™ Green air cushioning bubble is designed to incorporate high levels of recycled content without losing product integrity, which provides the value our customers expect and moves us closer toward Pregis' own sustainability goal to use resources wisely.
Unit of Measure

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Easy to Identify Light Green Color Manufactured Using Reusable Polyethylene Resin Minimum of 25% Recycled Content Superior Cushioning


Results for Minimum of 25% Recycled Content

N/A Reduces Landfill Waste

Results for Easy to Identify Light Green Color

N/A Promotes Purchases of Recycled Content Products

Results for Manufactured Using Reusable Polyethylene Resin

N/A Recyclable (Air cushioning is not accepted in all recycling programs; please consult your local recyder)

Results for Superior Cushioning

N/A Optimal Surface Protection


N/A More cost-effective to ship, store and use Protective packaging made with recycled materials with no loss in performance Protective packaging that addresses environmental concerns of the end consumers

Environment (Protective Packaging that Addresses Environmental Concerns of the End Consumers)

N/A Use of Sustainable Packaging Lessens Depletion and Dependence on Virgin Resins

Environment (More Cost-Effective to Ship, Store and Use)

N/A Light Weight Material Uses Less Fuel for Transport

Environment (Protective Packaging Made with Recycled Materials with no Loss in Performance)

N/A Increased Preservation of Virgin Raw Materials

Protecting Beyond The Box: Think Pregis

N/A Astro-Bubble™ Green air cushioning bubble helps address the growing need for more sustainable packaging options. The distinctive light green color is transparent for easy product identification, and serves as a symbol of our "green" product.

High Quality, High Value Solutions

N/A Pregis' Astro-Bubble™ Green air cushioning materials offer a smart, lightweight, clean and flexible alterative to loose-fill, product wrap or void-fill.