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The new AirPouch® FastWrap™– A higher standard of excellence in protective packaging on-demand

The next generation AirPouch® FastWrap™ is the industry’s most flexible, reliable and user-friendly on-demand protective packaging system. The FastWrap system produces filled bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications. FastWrap secures and cushions your products while in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction.
Compact and convenient, the all-electric design and small footprint of the AirPouch FastWrap is ideal as a stand-alone system or combined with a variety of equipment accessories for any size pack station. The system operates at 65 linear feet per minute, and features operator-friendly controls and easy material changeover.
The FastWrap system features state-of-the-art technology that ensures reliability and quality. A patent-pending dual belt drive and seal flattening system guarantee a wrinkle-free seal and better air retention. An intelligent design works in conjunction with user-defined settings, consistently managing heat, air and speed; producing high quality seals from start to stop. Wear items are positioned for easy access and an indicator light notifies the user of required maintenance. On-board system diagnostics and productivity data simplify serviceability. Plus, the AirPouch FastWrap on-demand protective packaging system features a knifeless design – eliminating the primary wear item found on other machines in its class.
AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles feature our patent-pending, channel-filled honeycomb design, which allows multi-direction wrapping and improved product protection. FastWrap block-and-brace tubes feature our patented EZ-Tear™ Perforations between each tube, making them easier to separate and reducing material waste. Both products are available in a variety of system-matched film types, including EarthAware™ Biodegradable and Recycled Films. The convenient, boxed material is easy to handle, and dramatically reduces the storage requirements found with paper, foam and pre-filled bundle bubble materials.
Unit of Measure



N/A 100/240 VAC


N/A 17.25 in44 cm


N/A 9.5 in25 cm


N/A 38 lb17 kg


N/A EarthAware™ Biodegradable EarthAware™ Recycled Premium High Density


N/A 50 to 60 Hz


N/A 18 in46 cm


N/A Automated Packaging Systems


N/A DuraClear 2000™ (Clear)

Full Load Amps (FLA)

N/A 7/3.5 A

Material Size

N/A 1166 ft. / box inflated 12" Wrap (inflated) 1385 ft. / box inflated 14" Tube (inflated) 1750 ft. / box uninflated

User Benefits


  • Highly flexible system produces bubbles and tubes on-demand for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications
  • Patent-pending dual belt drive and seal flattener guarantee an airtight seal for improved protection
  • Tabletop, all-electric system operates at 65 feet per minute and combines with a variety of accessories, making it ideal for any sized pack station
  • Easy to use operator controls are regulated through intelligent design, managing heat, air and speed for consistent fill level and seal quality
  • Inflates and seals the protective wrap and tube material from start to stop, eliminating waste
  • Designed for easy maintenance and serviceability
  • High-yield, boxed material reduces storage and transport requirements of paper, foam and pre-filled bubble materials
  • System-matched materials feature our exclusive honeycomb quilted pattern and EZ-Tear™ Perforations, and are available in a range of film types

Standard Features


  • All-electric design does not require compressed air to operate
  • Compact and lightweight for portability
  • Operator-friendly controls for easy set-up and operation
  • Patent-pending dual belt drive and seal flattener
  • Knifeless design eliminates primary wear item
  • Reliable equipment requires minimal maintenance

Typical Applications

N/A Mail order fulfillment, third-party logistics and contract packaging/fulfillment of:

  • Electronics and Components
  • Automotive and Appliance Parts
  • Cosmetics
  • Health and Beauty Aids
  • Hobby and Craft Items
  • Glass and Giftware
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry and Novelty
  • Pharmaceutical/Medical Supplies



  • Machine Stand
  • Automatic Winder
  • Storage Hoppers
  • Footswitch
  • Custom engineered solutions for unique packing station requirements



One small box of FastWrap generates more than 1380 linear feet of protective packing

Mechanical Features

Mechanical Features

Compact, all-electric design

Optional accessories include a machine stand and automatic film winder

Patent-pending dual belt drive and seal flattener guarantee a quality seal