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The WF20 is a fully automatic case former / case erector with tape head and toolless changeover. Wexxar's Pin & Dome machines have, for the last 25 years, become the standard for major customers who demand the highest quality output and maximum uptime.

From this experience, the Pin & Dome technology for case forming equipment has now evolved to be available to the mid-speed, mid-priced market. Box one is ready to run without the use of tools or guide-books. A color-coded, tactile guide offers a more efficient, friendly set-up for operators. The Tilt-out Tape Head (for the tape version), and the easy kip handle adjustments are all extra details that allow for a completely toolless, convenient changeover, in less than 5 minutes.
Unit of Measure


Max. Speed

N/A 20 cases/minute
Min. Width1 N/A 5 in
Min. Length2 N/A 6 in
Min. Depth3 N/A 3.5 in

Max. Width

N/A 17 in

Max. Length

N/A 24 in

Max. Depth

N/A 16.5 in


N/A Wexxar

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • Speed: Maximum 20 cases per minute (CPM)
  • Size maximum: L: 24 x W: 17 x D: 16.5 Maximum E = 25
  • Size minimum (Smaller/Custom sizes available by request): L: 6 x W: 5 x D: 3.5 Minimum E = 6
  • Positive Case Squaring System: Lines up and squares the case during sealing, creating visually appealing case output.
  • Single Push Transport System: Combines an electrical VFD speed zone controlled pusher with instantly adjustable case squaring technology.
  • Toolless Size Changes: Not only a truly tool free operation, but we have cut the time for a full size change to under 5 minutes.
  • Tilt Out Tape Head: Tape head tilts out over outfeed conveyor, for easy rethreading or tape head replacement.
  • 1 Smaller/Custom sizes available by request
  • 2 Smaller/Custom sizes available by request
  • 3 Smaller/Custom sizes available by request