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The Crayex Corporation strives to recognize each customer's specific packaging requirement and to custom design the best product possible using innovative resins and the latest blown film extrusion technology.

SHRINKABLE - Preferentially oriented for controlled MD\TD characteristics.
INDUSTRIAL - Tough non-shrink polyethylene for multi-purpose packaging.
CLARITY - Our Crayclear film has excellent optics and machineability for shrink or non-shrink consumer packaging.

  • Available from. 001 to .012*
  • Flat or Centerfold Bags to 125" x 2112" (or 2112" x 125")*
  • Side Gusset Bags to 98" x 58" x 2112"*
  • Minimum size 25" x 25"*
*Minimums and Maximums Vary with Size and Gauge
Unit of Measure

Proprietary Options

N/A Custom blended grades of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, and EVA resins ideal for general down gauging or to enhance a particular film characteristic.

  • Crayex Super Strength
  • Crayex C&D High Strength
  • Crayex Ultra Tough Strength

Additional Options


  • Tinted or Opaque
  • Ultra Violet Inhibitor
  • Various Slip Levels
  • Stocking Programs
  • Venting
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Anti-Stat Additive
  • One Color Printing
  • Blanket Order Pricing
  • JIT Delivery