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  • Multi-level variable pre-stretch
  • Multi-level variable containment force
  • Proactive corner compensation
  • Strategic film placement
Each of these factors stabilize and protect your product most effectively while using 30 to 50% less film
Unit of Measure



N/A Robopac®


N/A Ring Stretch

Technical Specifications

Minimum Product Dimensions

N/A 400 x 600 mm16 x 24 in

Maximum Product Dimensions

N/A 1270 x 1270 mm50 x 50 in

Standard Pallet Height

N/A 500 to 2000 mm20 to 80 in

Electrical Specifications

Standard Power Supply Voltage

N/A 400 to 415 V

Standard Power Supply Voltage Tolerance (±)

N/A 5 %

Standard Power Supply Frequency

N/A 50 Hz

Optional Power Supply Voltage

N/A 380 to 480 V

Optional Power Supply Frequency

N/A 60 Hz

Pneumatic Specifications

Air Pressure

N/A 6 bar

Air Pressure Tolerance (±)

N/A 1 bar

Reel Specifications

Standard Reel Height

N/A 500 mm20 in

Optional Reel Height

N/A 750 mm30 in

Maximum Reel Diameter

N/A 250 mm10 in



N/A Wrapping recipes are optimized according to the load, hence:
  • Total flexibility for every load size
  • Best product care also in case of delicate products
  • High-quality packaging
  • Safer logistics
  • Film savings up to 50%
  • Investment Costs
  • Sunk Costs
Robopac® wrappers minimize the Total Cost of Ownership through the reduction of:
  • Operating costs
  • Consumables
  • The cost of damaged/unsaleables products

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Hi-resistance Monoblock Aluminum Ring
  • Lower rotation weight and inertias
  • Great durability for heavy-duty operation
  • Outstanding performances at low energy cost
  • All movements club-free (with TPM option)
  • High-resistance timing belts for ring lifting & rotation
Servo Controlled Direct-Drive Pre-Stretch Motors
  • Cube Technology™ Level 1 and Level 2 available
  • Eliminates all failures caused by sliding contacts used on traditional technologies
  • Increases reliability thanks to a perfect balancing of rotating parts
  • Full control of pre-stretch and containment force in every moment with recipe program directly on HMI
Ergonomic, Safe & Designed to Reduce the TCO
  • Low-Level ergonomic reach position for lifting motor available as option
  • Smooth & neat design
  • Improved ergonomics and quick parts changeover
  • Automatic dynamic ring parachute for operators' maximum safety
  • Easy-to-use display for operators
  • Manual movements activated through 3D image icons
  • Advanced troubleshooting available as option
  • Technical documentation on board of HMI
Go green with Robopac®!!

Robopac® is committed to creating a more sustainable future thanks to the most advanced wrapping technologies aimed at keeping under control and reducing consumables
  • Minimize carbon footprint
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Reduce cardboard packaging waste
Optional device for controlling, collecting, processing and filing large amounts of data from installed machines
  • Monitor your performance
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Detect and inspect your line failures
  • Remote assistance in private connection without need of company LAN
Robopac® Service Support
At your service 24 hours per day, 365 days per year! The service is covered by Robopac® service offices worldwide during the day, based on different time zones



N/A Maximum flexibility with all the pallet sizes with both sides leading front.

4 columns version available as option.