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At 17 RPM, this low to medium volume made in the USA automatic stretch wrapper sets the standard for speed and efficiency in its category.

For those who are taking the next step into automation, the RT Automatic will enable users to wrap faster while using less space and film while keeping your operators safe. All of which equates to superior performance.
Unit of Measure



N/A Robopac®


N/A Stretch


Production Speed

N/A 45 Loads/hour

Rotation Speed

N/A 17 rpm

Maximum Load Dimensions

Maximum Load Length

N/A 54 in

Maximum Load Width

N/A 48 in

Maximum Load Height

N/A 82 in

Minimum Load Dimensions

Minimum Load Length

N/A 36 in

Minimum Load Width

N/A 36 in

Minimum Load Height

N/A 24 in

Load Capacity

Maximum Load Weight

N/A 4,000 lb
Maximum Inward Load Position1 N/A -4 in
Maximum Outward Load Position2 N/A 4 in

Machine Structure

Frame Construction

N/A Formed Steel

Film Delivery System

Single Motor Stretch Carriage

N/A 150 to 300 %

Standard Single Motor Stretch Carriage

N/A 250 %

Dual Motor Stretch Carriage

N/A 100 to 400 %

Standard Dual Motor Stretch Carriage

N/A 250 %

Standard Film Width

N/A 20 in

Optional Standard Film Width

N/A 30 in

Cube® "SMART Stretch Wrapping" Technology

N/A Innovative technology that combines multi-level variable pre-stretch, multi-level variable containment force, pro-active corner compensation, and strategic film placement to successfully wrap loads & ensure that they reach your customer in as-made condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.

Cut and Swipe System

N/A Pressing film onto the load (no welding system)


N/A Fixed Position Pincher Style

Minimum Carriage Up/Down Speed

N/A 3 fpm

Maximum Carriage Up/Down Speed

N/A 18 fpm

Roping System

N/A Partial Roping with Fixed Roller

Height Sensing

N/A Photocell

Film Threading

N/A Patented S-Pattern

Corner Compensation

N/A Cube 1

Film Thickness

N/A 50 to 150 gauge

Reel Dimensions

Reel Depth

N/A 10 in

Reel Width

N/A 20 in

Load Handling System

Turntable Speed (Inverter Driven)

N/A 7 to 15 rpm

Turntable Overall Diameter

N/A 69 in



N/A 460 V


N/A 30 A


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 3
Rotary Table Speed3 N/A 7 to 15 rpm

Conveyor Speed

N/A 30 fpm

Conveyor Width

N/A 52 in

Conveyor Pass Height

N/A 18 in

Conveyor Roller Depth

N/A 3 in



N/A Our First Priority - Safety
Category 3 level safety is included with the new RT Automatic. Category 3 is designed so that a single fault in any of its parts does not lead to the loss of a safety function.

For the ultimate in safety, Rolling Safety Doors™ keep the operator safe by completely closing off entrance to the wrapping area on both sides of the load. This prevents the operator from accidentally entering the wrap zone which can cause serious injury. Safety Guard™ detects any obstruction at the bottom of the Rolling Safety Doors™ that may keep the doors from completely closing. This prevents the wrap cycle from initiating which ensures supreme safety performance. This safety platform replaces costly fencing which also saves valuable space within a facility.

With one of the smallest footprints in its category at 123” deep x 198” wide (169 sq. ft.), the RT Automatic saves valuable floor space for the food, beverage, and other industries where floor space is extremely valuable.

Extra Stretch
With 250% standard pre-stretch included, the RT Automatic guarantees that stretch film will go further which saves money. Depending upon the operations throughput, an ROI can be calculated demonstrating film savings and payback period for the machine.
  • 1 With respect to the pallet.
  • 2 With respect to the pallet.
  • 3 Expected maximum production rate = 45 loads/hr.