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The Helix 3 is a rugged, reliable rotary arm stretch wrapper loaded with features you would expect on more expensive machines.

Robopac® utilizes 22" circumference pre-stretch rollers in the Helix 3's patented S winding pattern roll carriage to deliver 60% more film contact than the W winding pattern (commonly used by competitors). The S pattern delivers better control of film through the roll carriage, higher on load pre-stretch levels and fewer film breaks.

Other Options Available.
Unit of Measure



N/A Robopac®


N/A 22 rpm

Support Structure

N/A 4 Legged

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

N/A AB MicroLogix 1400

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

N/A AB Panel View 600 Plus Monochrome


N/A Alternating Current (AC) Voltage Bonfiglioli Motors

Roll Carriage

N/A Pre-Stretch Carriage with Single Motorization (PGSM)

Fixed Standard Pre-Stretch

N/A Up to 340 %

Multi-Level Pre-Stretch

N/A Not Available

Multi-Level Containment Force

N/A Up to 12 Levels on Each Load

Corner Compensation

N/A Load Cell

Film Test Cycle

N/A Not Available

Film Cut and Clamp

N/A Cut Press Wipe
Conveyor Roller Spacing Capacity1 N/A 4400 lb

Galvanized Conveyor Rollers

N/A Standard

Conveyor Reversing

N/A Standard

Positioning Control

N/A Self-Braking Alternating Current (AC) Motors and Encoder Technology


N/A 3-Color Light Stack with Low Film Indicator


N/A 62 L/h


N/A 3 Year + 10 Year on Ring Gear Bearing and Structural Frame

Personnel Safety

N/A Category 3 Safety Circuits with Light Curtains (CE Approved)

Industry Standards

N/A European Conformity (CE) Compliant International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008)

Auto Roll Changer

N/A Available Option

Corner Board Applicator

N/A Available Option

Number of Top Sheet Dispenser Options

N/A 2

Top Sheet Dispenser

N/A Inline Mid Wrap


N/A Stretch


N/A Automatic

Maximum Load Dimensions

Maximum Load Length

N/A 48 in

Maximum Load Width

N/A 48 in

Maximum Load Height

N/A 78.74 in

Minimum Load Dimensions

Minimum Load Length

N/A 31.5 in

Minimum Load Width

N/A 31.5 in

Minimum Load Height

N/A 20 in



N/A Top Pressure Platens
  • Pneumatic Pressure Platen
    Pneumatic Pressure Platen provides downward pressure on top of load to help stabilize package during wrapping process.
  • Double Diamond Pressure Platen
    Double Diamond Pressure Platen allows for a wider range of wrapping height over pneumatic version. It also reduces the amount of head space needed above the machine over the pneumatic model.
Top Sheet Dispensers
  • Inside Dispenser
    Patented Inside Top Sheet Dispenser measures and disperses the correct amount of film on your load during the wrap process and is sandwiched between layers of film to create a water resistant seal.
  • Outside Dispenser
    Patented Outside Top Sheet Dispenser measures and disperses the correct amount of film on your load as it is conveyed into the wrapping area to create a dustproof wrap.
Pallet Lifter
  • The pallet lifter raises the pallet during the wrapping process to ensure proper placement of film or rope on a shorter pallet. You can wrap down to the very bottom or even under the pallet, depending on your needs.
Roping Device
  • Automatic Roping Devices (Top, Bottom or Top & Bottom) combined with the latest in encoder technology allow you to place either partial or full web ropes of film at key points on the load or around the pallet to increase load stability.
  • The top and bottom combination roper allows you to wrap cold loads, hot loads, fresh fruits or vegetables, or any type of load that needs to breathe.
Film Clamping Devices
  • Spring/Ring Clamp with Horizontal Movement
  • Ring Clamp
  • Mobile/Liftable Spring Clamp
  • Nipper Clamp for LP-AS Model
  • Hot Plate Welding Unit
  • Spring Clamp

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Innovative VAC motors with Encoders work with Motion Control Devices via the control panel to give you ultimate control of pre-stretch and containment force.

The Helix 3 is CE Compliant and features Level 3 Safety Circuits. Light Curtains are standard, as are power and air dump interlocks providing you the safest work environment available for your operators.

The system features 15 selectable wrap patterns for each of your load types. Software allows you to adjust all wrapping parameters to meet the specific needs of each load: pre-stretch; containment force (multi-level); top & bottom wraps; wrap arm rotation speed; overlap and overwrap; banding; and roping.

CUBE Key Performance Data. The Helix 3's advanced technology gives you the ability to set different wrapping parameters for each product and load configuration that you produce. Allowing you to customize the wrap pattern to "set the standard" for each type of product that you wrap. Because of the accuracy of the Variable Pre-stretch and Variable Containment Force technology, we can provide accurate and actionable real time performance data. This will ensure that you are indeed "holding the standard" set for each of your products. We will guarantee the accuracy of our film usage data to within 5% plus or minus. Competitive systems consistently vary more than 30% plus or minus.


Self-Braking AC Motors
Special AC Motors with Encoders and Motion Control Devices deliver the most accurate pre-stretch and containment force available.

Frequency Drive
Variable frequency drive allows you to vary the line speed up to a maximum of 60 feet/min without replacing a single component.

All conveyor rollers feature reverse motion. Infeed and center feed conveyors are controlled by variable frequency driver. Self-braking motors ensure precise positioning of the pallet.

Standard Roll Carriage
Single motor roll carriage with fixed pre-stretch provides you up to 12 containment force levels at different points on each load. 30-inch and jumbo roll carriages are available as options.
  • 1 3" on 3-1/2" centers.