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  • RS2000, RS3000 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealers

    The Combi RS2000 is a high speed, fully automatic case sealer capable of top and bottom sealing different size cases within a given range. Built for speed and flexibility, the RS2000 is ideal for high volume lines with random case sizes in distribution or fulfillment centers or manufacturing sites where different lines converge for sealing.

    The simultaneous three stage sealing process first indexes cases with an automatic gating mechanism; folds all four top flaps, and finally seals the top and bottom utilizing Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and twin servo motors for accurate positioning and consistent sealing at the desired production rates.

    You can have a different size case at each stage of the sealing process at speeds up to 20 cpm. Each machine is custom engineered to meet your specifications including variations in case size, weight, and operator orientation.

  • TBS Series Automatic Top and Bottom Sealers

    Whether you need a stand-alone case sealer to boost productivity or a sealing solution integrated at the end of your Combi case packing line, TBS sealers offer a reliable solution for your needs. Using the same heavy duty tubular steel frame as other Combi systems, the TBS is built tough for years of top performance. 3M AccuglideII+™ tape heads efficiently seal the top and/or bottom of the widest range of cases and tape roll changes are easy to perform. With Combi's TBS sealers, changeovers between case sizes are simple and repeatable on this compact machine.


    • Heavy duty tubular steel construction
    • Quick changeovers - tape head and side belt adjust simultaneously resulting in one less manual adjustment
    • Oversized drive motors
    • Safety interlocked guarding
    • Seamless Combi system integration
    • 3M Accuglide II+™ tape heads