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Geospeed® Paper Packaging Systems

Pregis offers a full range of protective packaging solutions. Through value-focused distribution, we are proud to supply the world's top manufacturing and fulfillment operations with our efficient, versatile and customizable products. With Pregis, you will get the right material and the right equipment to grow your business and increase your profitability.
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Geospeed® Quantum™ Paper Packaging Machine


  • Intuitive design, simple controls, economically adjustable, quick and easy loading.
  • Reliable, patented design minimizes paper jams, optimizes productivity.
  • Fast! Industry leading 150" per second.
  • Durable with made in the USA with long lasting parts.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to move for portability.
  • Available on a floor stand or table mount.
  • Quantum™ XF user-friendly option brings unmatched reliability in higher volume operations. Includes bladeless power tear assist and feed to length feature.
  • Quantum™ MT manual tear dispenser for lower volume pack stations.

Geospeed® Quantum™ Paper Packaging Material


  • Economically friendly loading.
  • Soft on the hands and easy tearing and packing.
  • Less abrasive to products than standard kraft paper.
  • Quantum™ Renew™ paper: 100% recycled content, recyclable, and renewable.(Recyclable where available. Please consult your local recyder.)

GeoPack™ Renew Paper Packaging Material


  • Convenient, compact and easy to use
  • 100% recyclable, including the box
  • Made from renewable and compostable material that is non-petroleum based
  • Perfect for small to medium volume shipping, shipping from stores and home-based businesses