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SYTEC 307s FILM is recommended for packaging applications where maximum optics and durable wrapping are required. Strong seals and an excellent shrink appearance are obtained with medium and high speed packaging systems.
Unit of Measure


Haze (ASTM D1003)

N/A 2.8 %

Gloss 45º (ASTM D2459)

N/A 86 %

Tensile Strength MD (ASTM D882)

N/A 105 N/mm²15000 psi


N/A 62500 in²/lbs87.5 m²/kg

Density (ASTM D1505)

N/A 0.910 g/cm³

Shrinkage at 120ºC Oil Bath - 5 sec MD (Syfan Method)

N/A 60 %

Tearing Resistance MD (Elmendorf)

N/A 28 g/25

Coefficient of Friction (Film/Film)

N/A <0.20

MVTR (75G) (E-96)

N/A 2.2 g/100 in²/24 hrs at 90% /RH 99ºF

O2 (D-3985-81)

N/A 503 cc/100 in²/24 hrs 1 atm at 77ºF

CO2 (Gas Chromatograph)

N/A 1858 cc/100 in²/24 hrs 1 atm at 77ºF

Reel Length (Flat)

N/A 10500 ft

Reel Length (c/f)

N/A 5250 ft

Nominal Thickness

N/A 12.5 microns

Reel Length

N/A 3200 SW/m1600 CF/m

Tensile Strength TD (ASTM D882)

N/A 115 N/mm²16000 psi

Elongation MD (ASTM D882)

N/A 86 %

Elongation TD (ASTM D882)

N/A 88 %

Shrinkage at 120ºC Oil Bath - 5 sec TD (Syfan Method)

N/A 63 %

Tearing Resistance TD (Elmendorf)

N/A 25 g/25



Shrink and Seal Properties


  • Strong seals, both impulse & electrostatic
  • No deposits on sealing wires
  • Easily controlled shrink force
  • Wide shrink temperature range

Safety Details


    Food Contact
    SYTEC MVP complies with the requirements & regulations which state that materials may be safely used in food contact and non-food applications. These specifications are described in the FDA code Title 21 para. 177.1520 and in the EC Commission Directive No. 90/128/EEC.

    Safety & Environment
    SYFAN SYTEC SHRINK FILMS contain no CFC's nor any residues of the heavy metals Sb, Cr, As, Pb, Ba, Cd, Ag, Se. The gas generated during sealing of SYTEC SHRINK FILM is comprised of hydrocarbon derivatives of the pure raw material and contains no harmful substances, irritants, or chlorine derivatives. SYFAN -SAAD has been ISO-9001:2000 certified since June 1994.

    SYTEC MVP should be stored in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. Maximum storage temperature: 250C / 770F. The above table is based on test data believed to be reliable. Since it is not possible to anticipate the different and varying conditions under which SYFAN films may be used, purchasers are advised to carry out their own tests to determine the suitability of SYFAN products for their specific purposes.

    SYFAN® amd SYTEC are registered trade marks of SYFAN SAAD Isreal.



  • Superior transparence and gloss
  • High burnout resistance
  • Good stiffness & stability
  • Balanced MD/TD properties