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  • High performance and productivity with outstanding yield.
  • Low temperatures and less energy with high shrinkage.
  • Fast sealing and hot tack.
  • Hot slip properties after shrinkage.
Unit of Measure


N/A Unique technical properties allow Bolphane BY to give excellent results from manual to automatic high speed machines.

High degree of shrinkage, low shrink temperature, good optics and outstanding machinability: Bolphane BY is very versatile and uniquely suited to a large variety of packaging systems and applications.



N/A 2.5 %

Gloss (85º)

N/A 118 %

Weight - Vertical

N/A 1.3 g/100 in²/24 hrs at 95ºF, 95 % HR


N/A 51.6 MSI/lbs

Length of the Roll - Centerfolded BY-CF

N/A 4375 ft

Length of the Roll - Singlewound BY-SW

N/A 8750 ft


N/A 60 gauge

O2 Permeability

N/A 13000 cc/100 m²/24 hrs 1 atm at 73ºF

Nominal Roll Outside Diameter

N/A 9.5 in


N/A Bollore


N/A High Performance



Free Shrink at 200°F

N/A 30 %

Free Shrink at 250°F

N/A 70 %

Seal Strength

N/A 2000 g/in

Core Internal Diameter

N/A 3 in


N/A A 5-layer shrink film that seals and shrinks at lower temperatures with high free shrink for maximum retail presentation.

Shrink Profile

N/A Bolphane BY provides up to 20% greater shrinkage than a standard polyolefin film found on the market.