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Part of a new generation of case sealers that's shaping the future of packaging

3M-Matic™ case sealers are specially designed to be versatile, effective and productive. They are sturdy and easy to install. And with features such as the new AccuGlide™ II taping head and unique alternate outboard tape roll mount, they represent 3M's commitment to innovation as the industry leader in case sealing systems.

The 3M-Matic™ 700aks Top & Bottom Drive Belt Adjustable King Size Case Sealer makes sealing large, uniform-size regular slotted containers fast and precise. in fact, it's- designed especially for long runs of the large size RSCs used in the appliance electronic, bedding and furniture industries. Its unique upper and lower drive system uses four belts to positively convey cases at up to 30 per minute, while 3M's patented AccuGlide™ II taping head precisely applies a full range of Scotch™ brand box sealing tapes for a secure box closure. Manual adjustments for various case sizes can be made quickly and easily.

The 700aks has two 1/4 HP gear motor drives for heavy duty performance. Its dual masts, with twin lead screws, provide extra stability and uniform height adjustment. The lower taping head can be removed easily for cleaning and maintenance. The attractive and functional design saves floor space. And the controls can be relocated to convert from standard left side to right side operation.

Standard features include compression rollers that push the top flaps of the case together for precise tape sealing; an upper tape roll bracket attached to the machine for easier and more stable tape roll mounting; friction brake tape roll drums to prevent tape overrun and provide more consistent tape application; an easy-to-reach alternate outboard tape roll mount for the lower head; and easy-to-install laced replacement belts. Additional features are available as options.

Used with performance-matched Scotch™ brand box sealing tapes, the 3M-Matic™ 700aks provides optimum case sealing results. 3M also offers a 3M-Matic™ 700rks Top & Bottom Drive Belt Random King Size Case Sealer for maximum productivity when sealing larger, random-sized RSCs

To find out how the 3M-Matic™ 700aks Top A Bottom Drive Belt Adjustable King Size Case Sealer can bring your larger size case runs up to speed, see your nearest 3M sales representative or contact your local 3M-Matic™ case sealer distributor.

Use with clean dry boxes in dry, relatively clean environments at 40°F to 120°F (4.4°C to 48.9°C).
Unit of Measure

Machine Specifications


N/A 115 V


N/A 5.8 A

Machine Dim. (W)

N/A 33.75 in857 mm

Machine Dim. (L)

N/A 42.5 in1080 mm


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 675 W

Min. Machine Dim. (H)

N/A 49.5 in1257 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (H)

N/A 91.5 in2324 mm

Machine Dim. (A)

N/A 17 in432 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (B)

N/A 20.5 in521 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (B)

N/A 31 in787 mm
Machine Dim. (C)1 N/A 4.75 in121 mm

Machine Dim. (F)

N/A 29 in737 mm

Cord Length

N/A 8 ft2.7 m

Operating Rate

N/A Up to 30 boxes per minute depending on the case length and operator dexterity.

Drive Belt Speed

N/A 75 ft/min38 m/s

Min. Tape Width

N/A 2 in50 mm

Max. Tape Width

N/A 3 in76 mm

Tape Roll Diameter

N/A 15.5 in390 mm

Crated Weight

N/A 425 lbs190 kg

Uncrated Weight

N/A 375 lbs170 kg

Core Diameter

N/A 3 in76 mm


N/A Box hold down attachment Infeed and exit conveyors Locking casters Low tape indicator



N/A 3M


N/A Regular slotted container (RSC)


N/A 3M Scotch™ brand pressure sensitive box sealing tapes.


N/A Contents must support flaps.

Bursting Test

N/A 125 to 275 lbs. per sq. inch single or double wall, B or C flute.


N/A This technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes.

The 3M-Matic™ Top and Bottom Drive Belt Adjustable King Size Case Sealer 700aks can accommodate most boxes within the size range listed here.
However, if:

(Box Length in Direction of Seal) / (Box Height)
is less than 0.5

Boxes should be test run to ensure proper machine performance.

All controls can be factory installed on opposite side as an option.

Box Capacities

Min. Box Height

N/A 4 in102 mm

Max. Box Height

N/A 36 in914 mm

Min. Weight Range

N/A 3 lbs38 kg

Min. Box Length

N/A 6 in150 mm

Max. Box Length

N/A No Limit

Min. Box Width

N/A 7 in175 mm

Max. Box Width

N/A 25.5 in650 mm

Max. Weight Range

N/A 5 lbs85 kg

Warranty and Limited Remedy


3M sells its 3M-Matic™ 700aks Top & Bottom Drive Belt Adjustable King with the following warranties:

  1. The belts and the Taping head knife blades, springs and rollers will be free from all defects for ninety (90) days after delivery.
  2. All other Taping head parts will be free from all defects far three (3) years after delivery.
  3. All other parts will be free from all defects for two (2) years after delivery.
If any part proved to be defective within its warranty period, then the exclusive remedy and 3M's and seller's sale obligation shall be, at 3M's option, to repair or replace the part provided the defective part is returned immediately to 3M's factory or an authorized service station designated by 3M. A part will be presumed to have become defective after its warranty period unless the part is received or 3M is notified of the problem no later than five (5) calendar days after the warranty period. If 3M is unable to repair or replace the part within a reasonable time, then 3M, at its option, will replace the equipment or refund the purchase price. 3M shall have no obligation to provide or pay for the labor required to install the repaired or replacement part. 3M shall have no obligation to repair or replace (1) those parts falling due to operator misuse, carelessness, or due to any accidental cause other than equipment failure, or (2) parts failing due to non-lubrication, inadequate cleaning, improper operating environment, improper utilities or operator error.

Limitation of Liability

N/A 3M and seller shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract negligence strict liability or any other legal theory.

The foregoing Equipment Warranty and Limited Remedy and limitation of Liability may be charged only by a written agreement signed by authorized officers of 3M and seller.

AccuGlide™ II Taping Head

N/A 3M's advanced, low impact AccuGlide™ II Taping Head with its curvilinear track insures that even lightweight corrugated cartons are securely and carefully sealed. Provides positive tape starting and precise tape application. The tape head floats smoothly and easily to adjust for overpacked boxes. Applies Standard 2.75 inch [70mm] tape leg lengths. Can be converted to apply 2.00 inch [51mm] leg lengths. And a built-in blade oiler helps prevent adhesive buildup. The head comes with a ninety days warranty on knife blades, springs and rollers and a three year warranty on all other parts.

Operating Conditions

N/A Use in dry, relatively clean environments at 40 ºF to 120 ºF (4.4 ºC to 48.9 ºC) with clean, dry boxes. Machine should not be washed down or subjected to conditions causing moisture condensation on components.

  • 1 Optional casters T= 60.25 (1530)