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The operator-free, all-in-one case sealer for automatic productivity

The 3M-Matic™ 120af Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer is a fully automatic, all-in-one unit for a variety of top and bottom case sealing applications. Our new 3M-Matic case sealers are specially designed to be versatile and productive. They're sturdy, compact and easy to install. The new low impact AccuGlide™ II taping head represents 3M's commitment to innovation as the industry leader in case sealing systems. And 3M-Matic components are available worldwide, just one example of how 3M case sealers are built with the demands of global businesses in mind. Laboratory-tested and field-proven, the unique, patented AccuGlide II taping head is designed to give you accurate performance in applying all Scotch™ brand box sealing tapes.

The 3M-Matic 120af case sealer places tight, consistent top and bottom seals on regular slotted containers with production rates of up to 27 boxes per minute - all without the need for an operator. It folds the top flaps and seals both top and bottom seams automatically. Quick box height/width adjustment arid a removable bottom taping head make the 3M-Matic 120af case sealer very versatile. Its compact size saves valuable floor space, and s cleaner, simpler design means more trouble-free operation. Standard features include dual compression rollers that help position top flaps for improved sealing; side shields at machine infeed with a hinged access door and safety interlock; easily accessible stop switches on each side of the machine; and friction brake drums to prevent tape overrun and provide more consistent tape application. Additional accessories are available as options.

3M offers an entire line of adjustable, random and fully automatic 3M-Matic equipment that's performance-matched with Scotch brand box sealing tapes for optimum case sealing results. When used together, they provide secure, consistent seals without the mess of water-activated tape, the potential damage of staples or the costly clean-up, inconsistent seal and maintenance of automated glue systems.

Packaging professionals have been relying on the quality of 3M-Matic equipment and Scotch brand tapes for years, and for good reason. Now there's even better reason with the new generation of 3M-Matic case sealing equipment.

To order the new 3M-Matic 120af Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer, contact your nearest 3M sales representative or your local 3M-Matic equipment distributor, or call 1-800-722-5463.

Contact your 3M sales representative for application requirements outside the above specifications.
Unit of Measure

Power Requirements


N/A 115 V


N/A 2.8 A


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 320 W

Pneumatic Pressure

N/A 75 psig517 kPa

Pneumatic Flow

N/A 1.5 SCFM (2.5 m³/h 21ºC, 101 kPa] maximum at maximum cycle rate.


N/A 3" [75 mm] tape width heads All controls and guard access doors factory installed on opposite side Casters Guard access doors on both sides Power infeed conveyors

Machine Specifications

Machine Length

N/A 75.5 in1920 mm

Machine Width

N/A 35.38 in900 mm

Min. Machine Height

N/A 53.38 in1355 mm

Max. Machine Height

N/A 74 in1880 mm

Crated Weight

N/A 631 lbs287 kg

Uncrated Weight

N/A 545 lbs248 kg

Conveyor Bed Height

N/A Adjustable from a height of 23 in

Min. Machine Dim. (A)

N/A 4 13/16 in120 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (H1)

N/A 23 in585 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (H2)

N/A 53 3/8 in1355 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (H3)

N/A 23 in585 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (W1)

N/A 30 1/4 in770 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (W2)

N/A 35 3/8 in900 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (W3)

N/A 22 1/2 in570 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (L1)

N/A 60 in1525 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (L2)

N/A 75 1/2 in1920 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (L3)

N/A 37 1/2 in955 mm

Min. Machine Dim. (L4)

N/A 37 1/2 in955 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (A)

N/A 4 13/16 in120 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (H1)

N/A 28 1/8 in715 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (H2)

N/A 74 in1880 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (H3)

N/A 28 1/8 in715 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (W1)

N/A 30 1/4 in770 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (W2)

N/A 35 3/8 in900 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (W3)

N/A 22 1/2 in570 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (L1)

N/A 60 in1525 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (L2)

N/A 75 1/2 in1920 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (L3)

N/A 37 1/2 in955 mm

Max. Machine Dim. (L4)

N/A 45 1/4 in1150 mm



N/A 3M


N/A Regular slotted container (RSC).
125 to 275 p.s.i. bursting test, single wall B or C flute.

Operating Rate

N/A Up to 27 boxes per minute depending on box length.

Box Specification

N/A Boxes must meet the current FBA/PMMI voluntary standards for RSC containers. Boxes not meeting these standards - for example, width is more than 50% of length or depth is less than 25% of length - should be test-run to ensure satisfactory machine performance.


N/A Scotch™ brand pressure-sensitive box sealing tapes.

Min. Tape Width

N/A 1 1/2 in36 mm

Max. Tape Width

N/A 2 in48 mm

Tape Roll Diameter

N/A Up to 16 in [406 mm] maximum on a 3 in [75 mm] diameter core. (Accommodates Scotch brand film types -1,000-yard rolls.)

Belt Speed

N/A 75 ft/min3 m/min

Min. Weight

N/A 4 lbs2 kg

Max. Weight

N/A 65 lbs29 kg


N/A Contents must be heavy enough to hold box flat on conveyor bed with bottom flaps fully closed. Contents must support top flaps. Contents must not extend beyond top flap score line.


N/A The 3M-Matic™ 120af Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer can accommodate most boxes within the size range listed above.

However, if
( (Box Length in Direction of Seal) / (Box Height) ) > 0.6

boxes should be test-run to assure proper machine performance.

Box Capacities

Min. Box Height

N/A 4.75 in120 mm

Max. Box Height

N/A 20 in510 mm

Min. Box Length

N/A 6 in150 mm

Max. Box Length

N/A 25 in635 mm

Min. Box Width

N/A 4.75 in120 mm

Max. Box Width

N/A 20 in510 mm

Warranty and Limited Remedy


3M sells its 3M-Matic™ 120af Automatic Adjustable Case Sealer with the following warranties:

  1. The Taping Head knife blades, springs and rollers will be free from all defects for ninety (90) days after delivery.
  2. All other Taping Head parts will be free from all defects for three (3) years after delivery.
  3. All other parts will be free from all defects for two (2) years after delivery.
Please refer to individual data pages for additional details and exceptions. If any 3M-warrantied part is proved to be defective within its warranty period, then the exclusive remedy and 3M’s and seller’s sole obligation shall be, at 3M’s option, to repair or replace the part, provided the defective part is returned immediately to 3M’s factory or an authorized service station designated by 3M. A part will be presumed to have become defective after its warranty period unless the part is received or 3M is notified of the problem no later than five (5) calendar days after the warranty period. If 3M is unable to repair or replace the part within a reasonable time, then 3M, at its option, will replace the equipment or refund the purchase price. 3M shall have no obligation to provide or pay for the labor required to install the repaired or replacement part. 3M shall have no obligation to repair or replace (1) those parts failing due to operator misuse, carelessness, or due to any accidental cause other than equipment failure, or (2) parts failing due to non-lubrication, inadequate cleaning, improper operating environment, improper utilities or operator error.

Limitation of Liability

N/A 3M and seller shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract negligence strict liability or any other legal theory.

The foregoing Equipment Warranty and Limited Remedy and limitation of Liability may be charged only by a written agreement signed by authorized officers of 3M and seller.

AccuGlide™ II Taping Head

N/A 3M's advanced, low impact AccuGlide™ II Taping Head with its curvilinear track insures that even lightweight corrugated cartons are securely and carefully sealed. Provides positive tape starting and precise tape application. The tape head floats smoothly and easily to adjust for overpacked boxes. Applies Standard 2.75 inch [70mm] tape leg lengths. Can be converted to apply 2.00 inch [51mm] leg lengths. And a built-in blade oiler helps prevent adhesive buildup. The head comes with a three year guarantee.

Functional Industrial Design


  • 16 gauge (1.5mm) formed steel frame robotically welded.
  • Dual masts/twin lead screws
  • Hexagonal threaded inserts for convenient mounting of components.
  • Outer tubular legs through-mounted and welded to frame.
  • Tough epoxy paint

Operating Conditions

N/A Use in dry, relatively clean environments at 40 º to 120 ºF (5º to 49ºC) with clean, dry boxes. Machine should not be washed down or subjected to conditions causing moisture condensation on components.