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3M AccuGlide™ Taping Heads are specifically designed to work most effectively with high quality , pressure-sensitive 3M box sealing tapes. You get a strong, secure seal with each application of 3M box scaling tape to ensure that your shipments arrive intact. And with the many 3M box scaling tapes available - from general use to cold temperature tapes to high performance, in colors or custom printed - you're sure to find the tape that meets your needs.

AccuGlide™ Taping Heads from 3M

Choose taping heads designed to meet your application requirements

The taping head you select is determined by several factors: the type of equipment you have, case orientation, the speed of the case in feet per minute and the number of cases per shift, day, week and year. For example, the AccuGlide™ STD, NWT and AccuGlide™ II STD taping heads should be used for line speeds under 80 feet per minute. The AccuGlide™ HST taping head can be used for speeds up to 150 feet per minute and in heavy duty, multi-shift or continuous operations. Side-mounted taping heads and powered drive assemblies are also available. All 3M taping heads apply a "C" clip of pressure-sensitive tape to the center seam of your cases.

Our newest and most advanced taping head. Its curvilinear track for the applying and buffing linkage insures that even lightweight cases are securely and carefully sealed. Designed for taping applications with conveyor speeds up to 80 feet per minute. It provides positive tape starting and precise tape application to the center seams of cases. Its compact size and simplicity of design make it ideal for mounting into other conveying systems. This includes replacement of other types of taping, gluing or stapling heads in existing case sealing machines.

As the case moves across the head, the applying roller adheres the tape to the case and continues to roll the tape against the ease. Concurrently, the case depresses the cutoff bracket, When the case clears the cutoff bracket the bracket springs up, allowing the blade to cut the tape. The buffing roller adheres the cut end of the tape to the trailing end of the case. As the case exits the head, the rollers return to the starting position ready for the next case.
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II STD 2" Head N/A 4.2 in106 mm N/A 15.75 in400 mm N/A 14.25 in365 mm N/A 3M N/A 18 lbs8.2 kg N/A 16 lbs7.2 kg Add To Cart
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II STD 3" Head N/A 5.2 in130 mm N/A 15.75 in400 mm N/A 14.25 in365 mm N/A 3M N/A 19 lbs8.6 kg N/A 17 lbs7.7 kg Add To Cart
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