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Easy, consistent, accurate case sealing every time

Since the combination of box sealing tape and taping head determine closure performance, 3M is continually improving both to meet your requirements for productivity and reliability.

The 3M™ AccuGlide™ Taping Head 2+ features the patented curvilinear design for low impact that helps protect carton and contents. Even lightweight cartons are securely and carefully sealed. And now there are pluses:
  • Low profile side plate for faster, easier threading
  • Open tape path for faster, easier threading
  • Light weight for easy handling and removal
  • Easy-to-follow instructional labeling to clearly show tape path
  • Buffing and applying rollers designed for easy removal
  • Available in stainless steel
    For use in high-moisture and corrosive environments
Tape drum latch
  • Secures roll for stability and positive tape alignment
  • Press to release for easy roll change
Friction brake drum
  • Maintains proper tape tension and prevents over-coasting for smooth, secure tape application
Rugged construction
  • Epoxy powder coated steel for durability. Performed to specifications for over 3.5 million cycles in testing.
As the case moves across the head, the applying roller adheres the tape to the case and continues to roll the tape against the case. Concurrently, the case lifts the cutoff bracket. When the case clears the cutoff bracket, the bracket springs down, allowing the blade to cut the tape. The buffering roller adheres the cut end of the tape to the trailing end of the case. As the case exits the head, the rollers return to the starting position ready for the next case.
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2" Head N/A 4.2 in105 mm N/A 15.75 in400 mm N/A 14.25 in365 mm N/A 17 lbs7.7 kg Add To Cart
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3" Head N/A 5.2 in130 mm N/A 15.75 in400 mm N/A 14.25 in365 mm N/A 18 lbs8.2 kg Add To Cart
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