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The Linx TT10, with its wider ribbon (up to 110mm) is perfect for printing longer messages such as ingredients, logos and marketing information. This model is ideal for a wide variety of applications, especially within the snack food, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors.
Unit of Measure



N/A Linx


N/A Thermal Transfer

Touch Screen Size

N/A 8.4 in

Touch Screen Type

N/A Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)

Display Resolution

N/A 800 x 600 px

Field Orientation

N/A 0 º90 º180 º270 º

Message Store Memory

N/A 512 MB

Communication Interface

N/A Ethernet RS232

Supported Barcodes

N/A Barcodes EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E Code 39, EAN128, Code 128, ITF, PDF417, Data Matrix QR Model 2, RSS (including 2D composite codes)

Mounting Options

N/A Universal bracket system for integrating coder into packaging machinery

Regulatory Approvals

N/A European Conformity (CE) Mark Federal Communications Commission (FCC) MET Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL)

Performance Data

Motion Type

N/A Continuous Motion Intermittent Motion

Printhead Characteristics

N/A 110 mm300 dpi12 dots/mm

Print Width - Intermittent Motion Mode

N/A 107 mm

Print Length - Intermittent Motion Mode

N/A 75 mm

Print Width - Continuous Motion Mode

N/A 107 mm

Print Length - Continuous Motion Mode

N/A 200 mm

Ribbon Width

N/A 55 to 110 mm

Maximum Ribbon Length

N/A 700 mm

Print Speed - Intermittent Motion Mode

N/A 50 to 700 mm/s

Print Speed - Continuous Motion Mode

N/A 0 to 800 mm/s
Cable Length1 N/A 3 m

Physical Characteristics

Air Pressure Supply

N/A 6 bar90 psi

Power Supply Voltage

N/A 90 to 264 V

Maximum Uncontaminated Air Flow

N/A 1.0 mL/cycle

Maximum Humidity Range

N/A 85 %

Operating Temperature

N/A 5 to 40 ºC

General Features

General Features

  • Unique solid-state ribbon drive
  • High throughput modes configurable by software
  • Print speeds and throughput are resolution, substrate, application and set-up dependent
  • 8.4" TFT SVGA (800 x 600) touch screen operator interface
  • Full-color LCD touch panel interface with WYSIWYG print preview
  • Clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive
  • Simple ribbon webbing
  • 3 levels of password protection
  • On-board diagnostics
  • On-board memory, compact flash and/or expansion card
  • Off-line set up and parameter storage
  • Multiple operator languages
  • Job selection and database support as standard

Increased Production Line Uptime

Increased Production Line Uptime

  • The Linx TT10 use motors rather than clutches to control ribbon tension, minimizing the risk of ribbon breaks
  • The ribbon cassette design ensures that changing ribbons is quick and simple
  • Less maintenance and faster ribbon changeover means increased uptime

Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • No expensive labels or ribbons to buy - Bi-directional motors drive both ribbon unwind and re-wind reels, creating more prints per ribbon and leaving only a 0.5 mm gap between messages
  • Use of consumables is efficient, and no overprinting occurs.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

  • Easy to use color touch screen results in fewer errors and hassle-free operation
  • Intuitive graphic user interface allows preview of messages before coding
  • Three levels of password protection for added security
  • An extensive on-board diagnostics package to optimize productivity.

Exceptional Flexibility

Exceptional Flexibility

  • The Linx TT10 design allows you to switch easily between intermittent and continuous printing modes, as well as left or right hand operation
  • Prevents the need for additional coder investment when production requirements change
  • Both models fit into many existing coder brackets, enabling straightforward retro fitting to your production line.

Programming and Printing Features

Programming and Printing Features

  • Linx CLARiSOFT® image design software
  • Full downloadable font support for Windows TrueType (including multiple languages and Unicode support)
  • Fixed, variable and merged text fields
  • Link fields to databases
  • Flexible date/time formats
  • Formats for shift coding
  • Mirror image printing, image rotation
  • Real time clock functions
  • Auto best before date calculation and concession management
  • Scalable text including rotation, mirror and inverse printing
  • Multiple graphic formats supported - any size up to maximum print area
  • Text blocks
  • Auto incrementing/decrementing text, counters and barcodes
  • Basic shape drawing
  • User configurable drop down lists fields
  • Ribbon save functionality (3 types)

Ribbon Range Options

Ribbon Range Options

  • Wax/Resin ink
  • Resin ink
  • Range of colors available on request



N/A Connections/Interfacing For
  • External inputs (fully software configurable): 3 PNP inputs
  • External outputs (fully software configurable): 2 relay outputs and 2 PNP +24V outputs
  • USB memory stick support
  • Binary and ASCII comms protocols and Windows drivers
  • Host PC Mode (remote database) using Linx CLARiNET® (option)
  • Linx CLARiNET® coder independent network management software (option)
  • Master/slave unit - link up to four coders to a single controller and user interface (option)
  • Web server capability - fully integrate user interface into packaging machinery (option)
  • ZPL emulation for label design programs (option)



N/A Linx operates a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves the right to change the specification of products without notice.
  • 1 Between Printer and Controller